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Solar Panels is a good Alternative Energy

In today's modern society is, need not be concerned about electricity shortages. because it was found that solar panels alternative energy. Solar Panels is a device that converts heat energy generated from the sun into electrical energy by using solar cell. And share various forms of solar panel / solar cell to change the intensity of sunlight into electrical energy. Solar Panels / solar cell produces current used to charge the battery.
Solar Panels / solar cell consists of photovoltaic, which generates electricity from light intensity, while the light intensity decreases (cloudy, rainy, cloudy) the electric current generated will also decrease.

So we do not have to worry anymore if we die because electricity is a good alternative energy. How good is Let's try Solar Panel


  1. wahh infonya bagus nih nambah wawasan saya, ternyata dengan solar cell bisa mengahsilkan listrik juga saya baru tau


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